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Mobile application has already become prevalent over the desktop. While the future may be unknown, there is certainty in the power of mobile technology to drive growth in your business.

As a result it's equally important to have a mobile app development services to maintain such mobile applications to avoid hindrances.

"Mobile apps — put your business in your customers’ pockets. "

We Know You. We Feel You.

Mobile app is the new vehicle for today business.

Whether you are just starting out a new business or growing an existing business, we all know the business landscape is changed.

Having great mobile strategies for your business gives you a competitive edge to beat the competition.

It brings you closer to your customers than your competitors.

“The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.”

— David Murphy, Founder, and Editor of Mobile Marketing Daily

We Could Help You

Why wasting time to scrabble around in implementation of mobile strategies for your business at your own? Instead, you focus on your business growth while we handle your tech.

This is why many startups and companies from different countries facing the same problem as you have turned to Lava X for our mobile app development service in Malaysia.

Just leverage on our mobile app consultants who have more than 10 years of experience instantly.





Seed Digital

“Gave me a lot of confidence in professionalism”
- David Collien, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of OpenLearning

Learn how you can also benefit from engaging Lava X as your offshore software development company.

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Lava X consists of a team of mobile app developers in Malaysia that have worked with multinational companies across different continents such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Unlike other mobile app agencies that focus on just building native mobile applications (which tends to take longer development time) OR hybrid mobile applications (which tends to have very poor user experience).

We deeply believe that time-to-market is the key to every business success.

Hence we adopted the latest cross-platform mobile app development technologies such as React Native (from Facebook) and Flutter (from Google).

A single codebase for both iOS app and Android app.

This has greatly speed up our development process in developing mobile applications for you, while not compromising on the app quality.

Wanted to find out more? Take a peek into our mobile app technology.


We do more than just cross-platform mobile app. Our mobile app specialists are also familiar with native app development for iOS & Android as well.

So you can enjoy the benefits of having great performance through bridging by writing custom platform-specific code for iOS app and Android app.

Lava X can help you grow your business and discover new possibilities with the help of our mobile app development services.

  • Cross-platform Mobile App

  • Native iOS App

  • Native Android App

Click here to learn more about the difference between Hybrid, Native & Cross-platform App.

What's in it for me

Source code always belongs to you, 100%

Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Android

Dashboard, CMS and Admin Panel access

Warranty and tech support after launching


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Why Us

Growing with You

You could tap into our 10+ years of know-how instantly and let your ideas take flight.

Lava X mobile app development team creates a functional mobile app engineered to drive your business growth.

We build and transform your ideas into reality through proven product design and development strategies. We work with you to take things from ground zero all the way to hero for your apps and aim to grow together with you and your business.

We journey with you in your endeavors through thick and thin.

  • Passionate technical team
  • Well spoken English and Mandarin
  • Modern technology frameworks
  • Values relationship for long term
  • Project development by phases
  • Fortnightly progress updates
  • Monthly payment terms
  • Timely deliveries by milestone
  • Insights to users behaviour

  • mobile app projects

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    Inside App Development Technology

    We were once a group of mobile app programmers who were using Native programming frameworks such as Objective-C, Java and Swift for many of our projects few years ago.

    Until we realised that there is a more suitable cross-platform app development technology out there to support rapid changing business landscape for our clients.

    Deliver app faster with fewer resources needed. Just like you and I, this is what all businesses wanted.

    Since then we never looked back again.

    Today we are recognised as one of the best app development companies.

    With the use of React Native, we are able to use fewer resources for the app development thus helping our clients to save 20%~50% of the total cost of ownership for iOS app and Android app as compared to Native App alternative.

    We believe that many SMEs and startups like you would need this. Because we know how is it feel like to be in your shoe.

    So we take this further by introducing Full-stack Javascript development environment for you. Instead of having three different programmers to do iOS, Android & Backend separately, now you can have, as little as, ONE javascript programmer for everything.

    Simply put, in the future, you can even hire a single tech person who only know one programming language — Javascript — to handle every tech thing for your business needs, from Mobile App to Backend API development and even Web Application.

    Still unsure about which mobile strategy is suitable for your organisation? Get a free consultation from our technical person.

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    What does our client think

    Projects developed by our mobile app team have successfully satisfied our esteemed patrons.

    Weng Sun

    "The people at Lava X were willing to accommodate my requirements and really brought their robust experience to the project. They would check in constantly and be communicative, easy to reach and responsible."

    Weng Sun

    Project Director, Seed Digital

    Tega Adigu

    "Lava X cared about the project as if it were their own. They showed great interest in helping our company succeed. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a job to be done with much professionalism."

    Tega Adigu

    Senior Software Engineer


    What's the difference between native app, hybrid app and cross-platform app development?

    Can you build apps for both iOS and Android?

    I'm not from Malaysia, so how do we work together?

    What programming languages and frameworks do you use?

    Is the app secure?

    Why can't I just simply hire an independent freelancer instead of Lava X?

    I am totally new to this "mobile app development". Where do i start?

    Does Lava X offer secondment contract (aka on-demand) developers to my business?

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