About Us

Lava X Technologies Sdn Bhd (1201580-V) is a full stack software development company providing business mobile application development services in Australia and Malaysia.

We provide web application development and mobile app service using modern technologies like React Native, Flutter, React.js, Node.js and Kubernetes on a Micro-services architecture.

We strongly believe that each software product should have its own life. Just like you, we’re not satisfied with merely existing, we grab onto exciting ideas and make them a reality.

Starting in 2016 we had worked on multiple web & app projects for local businesses and tech startups from overseas such as Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. This has eventually helped us to become a reputable expert mobile app developer in Sydney

Today our clients range from a 1-man bootstrapped startups to a multinational corporation that has over 20,000 staffs.

Whether you are an enterprise or a growing startup, you have the ideas we have the technology to bring them to life.

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Key Leadership Team

Lava X consists of award-winning mobile app developers, tech industry trainer, web developer, backend developer, project managers, writers and designers.
We blend creativity together with the technical expertise to deliver compelling and user-centric products.

Current job opportunities:

  • Full-Stack JS Developer

  • React.js or React Native Developer

  • Software Tester

  • Project Manager

  • UI/UX Designer

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