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With online IT businesses gaining more popularity, one of the common issues faced by startups and businesses is the lack of resources and difficulty in hiring web development experts. This often results in delayed execution for months.

"Having trouble finding a reliable web developer?"

We know your pain

The secret to a company advancement and growth is a quicker time to market (TTM).

Why bother to spend so much time and money searching for the web designer, project manager, front-end programmer, backend programmer and copywriter for you to only create a web application?

When you can actually concentrate on growing your business before your competitor and winning market share.

web development team

Project Manager

Front-end Programmer

Backend Programmer

UI/UX Designer

Creative Copywriter

Your concern is our concern

Let the experts at Lava X handle your tech while you focus on your business growth. You do not have to worry on setting up a web development team on your own.

This is a common issue for various startups and companies around the world. Thus turning into an established website development service in Australia like Lava X can be very essential.

Our web experts comprise of more than 10 years of experience and are highly experienced in handling all your web development service requirements.



Catcha Group

Plus Solar


Seed Digital

“Gave me a lot of confidence in professionalism”

- David Collien, Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder of OpenLearning, Sydney

Learn how you can also benefit from engaging Lava X as your offshore mobile app development company in Australia.

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Lava X is a team of remote web developers in Australia who offer website design and website development service. Our services are highly efficient and offers excellent support to our clients across various continents such as the UK and Australia.

Unlike other web design companies that concentrate on creating a static website that needs little or no custom coding, Lava X provides you with an opportunity to transform your business with the mobile application. We push your website to the next level.

For further information, contact our mobile application service.

We are here to cater to your business needs regardless of where your company is located at.


We are more than just website designer. Our web developers create top market trends custom cloud applications and tailor-made online portals such as online sharing economy platforms (such as Grab, Airbnb), booking systems, inventory management software systems, classifieds websites, e-commerce, online marketplace and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leveraging these technologies.

  • Single Page Application

  • Progressive Web Application

  • Real-Time Application

What's in it for me

Source code always belongs to you, 100%

Mobile friendly and responsive web design

Dashboard, CMS and Admin Panel access

Warranty and tech support after launching


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Why Us

Walking with You

Lava X provides more than just web app development service for your startups and businesses.

From conceptualization, writing user flow, how to deal with site architecture, building up an agile workflow , maximising growth hacking technique and more, you can tap into our experience in the web app development process .

We welcome your ideas and always work with your core team closely to produce Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP).

We journey with you in your endeavors through thick and thin.

  • Passionate technical team
  • Well spoken English and Mandarin
  • Modern technology frameworks
  • Values relationship for long term
  • Project development by phases
  • Fortnightly progress updates
  • Monthly payment terms
  • Timely deliveries by milestone
  • Insights to users behaviour

  • mobile app projects

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    Inside Web Development Technology

    Our teams have mastered the open source technologies to bring out the best of your web application for your business.

    We use enterprise-gradecloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, much like many other top web development companies.

    With these innovations, our web developers cover all application components needed to fulfill the demands of your business and your customer in the shortest possible period, offer reliable technology solutions and also be free from costly software licensing fee.

    Lower total cost of ownership

    Faster time to market

    Higher system reliability

    Better technical support

    Full-stack JavaScript Development







    Micro-services Architecture

    Amazon Web Services

    Microsoft Azure

    Google Cloud Platform




    What does our client think

    Projects developed by website development team have successfully satisfied our esteemed patrons.

    Weng Sun

    "With Lava X handling my web design in Malaysia, they really cater to all my needs and assures me with a fully functional web app with a well-planned design. Great confidence and professionalism right from the get-go."

    Weng Sun

    Project Director, Seed Digital

    Tega Adigu

    "We developed a great partnership with Lava X and their dedication to our website as a web developer is evident in all aspects of the site. I appreciate their attention and creative approach to bringing my website to life."

    Tega Adigu

    Senior Software Engineer


    What kind of businesses can you work with?

    Are your websites mobile-friendly?

    What platform do you build your websites on?

    I'm not from Malaysia, so how do we work together?

    Why do we use agile development process?

    What is open source technology?

    Is open source technology reliable?

    Is the website secured?

    Do you provide graphic design such as namecard, leaflet, social media ads, etc?

    I am totally new to this "web development". Where do i start?

    What is a Single Page Application (SPA)?

    What is Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

    What is Real-Time Application (RTA)?

    Letting Your Ideas Take Flight

    There's a strong belief among Lava X members that every idea has the right to fly.
    So don't be shy to voice out your ideas because your idea matters here.

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